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The reaction injection molding (RIM) division of Global Composites Inc. was established in 1983, to provide quality RIM parts to automotive, van conversion, and other non-automotive customers.

The RIM facility is 36, 000 sq. ft. with 15 employees and a management team has over 60 years (average 15 years) experience in the reaction injection industry.

Manufacturing equipment: The Rim facility has one 250-lb/min. injection unit, one 100-lb/min. injection unit and one 50-lb/min. injection unit. Presses: Four 36” by 240” 30 ton press, one 60” by 96” 30 ton rotating press.

Manufacturing materials used include Metton LMR and polyurethane. The majority of parts are built using Metton LMR.

Metton LMR has been used to build in excess of 100,000 set of Van running board of the past 10 years. Due to the durability of Metton LMR, warranty related problems decrease to less than one percent when compared to fiberglass running boards that experienced in excess of 4%.


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